How to create a TON DNS domain and link it to a profile or collection on Getgems?

Getgems offers a special feature where you can create a stunning short link for your profile or collection using either or To do this, you need to obtain a TON DNS domain from our marketplace, which can be resold to other users or purchased directly on the website if the desired domain is unavailable.

If you want to create your own domain on the website, an auction will take place. Here's how it works:

Also, you can purchase the domain from the TON DNS Domains collection on Getgems at Once done, go to the NFT domain and select "Set Up as a Short Link."

A pop-up will appear, asking if you want to link the domain to your profile or collection. You can also see how the future domain will look in the link.

Click the "Set Up" button and confirm the attachment transaction using your wallet. A small fee will be deducted. After completing these steps, your domain will be linked to the profile or collection on Getgems and ready to use!

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