How to create custom Getgems Domain for a profile or collection?

Getgems offers a special feature where you can create a stunning short link for your profile or collection, such as

You can create your own custom domain directly in the Getgems Domains collection at

Once a new domain is created it has to go through the auction. Auction durations range from 1 hour to 48 hours, depending on the number of characters.

  • Auctions for two-letter domains last 48 hours;
  • For three-letter domains - 24 hours;
  • For four-letter domains - 12 hours;
  • For five-letter domains - six hours;
  • For six-letter domains - three hours;
  • For seven-letter and longer domains - one hour.

The starting bid for the domain will be automatically set based on the number of characters.

If you want to create your own domain on the collection page, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Create domain" button.

2. Enter the desired domain in the corresponding field.

3. If the domain is available, it will be assigned an initial price.

4. Place your bid and start the auction.

After completing these steps, an auction for the domain will begin. Keep an eye on your domain and the current bid, as someone else might also be interested in it.

The highest bidder becomes the owner of the NFT-domain, once the auction is finished.

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