How do I create my first NFT on Getgems?

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to launch your collection or a single NFT on the TON blockchain.

Preparing your collection


In order to launch a collection, first, we need the resources. In this case, these are images in the .JPG,.JPEG or .PNG format. They need to be stored in the resolution in which you want to make them available to the end-user — the NFT owner. In order to minimize the possibility of errors, we recommend naming files in the English alphabet and without special characters (%;! etc.).

For example: my_first_nft.png

When you create an NFT, you will need to provide the names and descriptions for each NFT.


You also need to prepare an image for your collection’s cover (an avatar and a banner):

  • Avatar 512х512.
  • Cover picture 2500х665. This image is displayed at the top of your collection’s page.
  • A snippet or collection preview banner 1200х627. The snippet is displayed as a preview when you share the link to your collection.

In addition to the images, you need to prepare a text description of the collection. Make sure to highlight the value and purpose of your artwork to communicate your idea with NFT collectors.

In addition to all the images and descriptions, prepare all the necessary links to the social media pages of your collection beforehand; the more high-quality information people receive about your NFTs, the higher the chance of successfully launching them. We recommend that you provide links to:

  • Telegram channels, chats, and bots
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Official website.

Here’s an example of what an NFT collection on Getgems can look like: TON Punks

Personal Profile

In Web3, just like in the Web2 world, appearance and the buzz around the project matter. Therefore, you should put some effort into designing your collection’s profile to radiate that energy.

Come up with a name for your profile, which will be displayed on your collection’s page.

Similar to the collection, we recommend that you include links to your social media pages.

In the profile, you can set a profile picture of 512x512 pixels and a banner of 2500x665 pixels.

Collection prep checklist:

☐ JPG/PNG files of future NFTs are ready to be uploaded

☐ Names of the NFTs

☐ Descriptions of the NFTs

☐ Description of the collection

☐ Collection cover

☐ Collection avatar

☐ Collection preview snippet

☐ Collection name

☐Profile name

☐Profile picture

☐Profile description

Creating your collection

Let’s move to the next step and create your NFT collection on Getgems. It’s pretty simple if you’ve followed the steps discussed above. It won’t take much time. 

  1. On the Homepage or in your profile, click “Create” and select “A Collection.” 

2. Please fill all the fields to provide in-depth info about the collection — name, description, links to social media pages, etc. — and upload a banner and collection avatar. Please, don’t forget to set a royalty percentage you’d like to receive after every time your NFT is sold.

3. Once you are done filling all the information, click “Create a collection” at the bottom. This will launch the transaction  where you’ll need to pay the gas fee and service fee for creating your collection on the blockchain (approximately 0.05 + 0.02 TON per NFT)

4. Voila! The collection is created. Now you can start minting NFTs.

Minting an NFT

The minting process on Getgems is very simple; the process is similar to minting a collection. You only need to prepare some files, their names, and descriptions in advance. 

  1. On the Homepage or in your profile, click “Create” and select “A single NFT.” 

2. Upload an image, add a name and a description, then pick the collection this NFT belongs to. Or don’t pick it if the NFT is single and has no collection  

3. Once you are sure that everything is nice and correct, click “Create NFT.” You need to pay gas and a service fee (0.05 + 0.02 TON per each NFT).

4. If everything is done right, the NFT will be minted and added to the chosen collection.

5. All done! Now you can mint another NFT or check the one you’ve just minted. To mint another NFT, follow the steps mentioned above. To review your NFT, click “View NFT.”

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