What does “gas” mean, and what’s it for?

Gas is another word used for “transaction fee” when making a transaction or interacting with a smart contract on a blockchain. Unlike many blockchain networks, gas fees on TON are remarkably low — one of TON’s biggest advantages over its competitors.

However, the commissions in TON blockchain are pretty low, we strongly recommend to have 0.3+ $TON to operate with any kind of transactions on Getgems smoothly, easy and fast. The fee is blocked with extra $TONs, and the excess is returned immediately to the balance after the operation.

Important note: for interacting with sales contracts created before April 11, 2024, the conditions of having 1.1+ $TON on the wallet balance will remain unchanged.

Also, custom NFT contracts (not created on Getgems) may require up to 0.5+ $TON on the wallet balance. Getgems cannot guarantee that the majority of locked $TON will be returned after the operation, as the excess amount depends directly on the code of third parties who created NFTs outside the marketplace.

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