How to list my collection on the main page?

Once you’ve minted a collection, it won’t automatically appear on our main page. For now, we’re going through all submissions and hand-picking ones to display on Getgems’ main page. Among NFT art minted on the blockchain, there is sometimes illegal content, unfortunately. We want to clarify that we have no interest in allowing the latter to be published on our marketplace. When we’re in the process of deciding what gets added to our platform, we consider the following:

  • The collection has at least 10 NFTs created in the same thematic style.
  • The NFTs in the collection must be up for sale.
  • The collection must be original. If it has too many similarities to other projects, or someone else’s art is being used, we’ll reject it.

You can approve your collection for adding in "Explore" section via Getgems support bot.

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