How to protect yourself from fraud when working with crypto assets?

Be careful!

Getgems is not affiliated with the NFT projects presented on the marketplace.

We are not responsible for any possible losses associated with their purchase. Invest at your own risk and remember the golden rule - DYOR or Do Your Own Research, always analyze your actions before making them.

Remember that buying NFTs does not mean that you will get rich instantly. NFTs are about crypto enthusiasm, collecting, and new technologies, first and foremost, and only after that - about investing and making a profit.

Here are a few important notes on how to protect yourself from fraud:

  1. Use only official support accounts (@nfton_bot) to communicate with the marketplace, and official channels (@getgems) to get official information from us. Marketplace team members will not write to you first, either personally or on behalf of the marketplace.
  1. Never share the secret phrase of your wallet with anyone, ever. Even if it seems absolutely obvious, it is better to repeat it one more time. Your secret phrase literally means access to the entire balance on the wallet, and if the assets disappear - it will be impossible to return them.
  1. Use only recommended wallets for working on Getgems: currently, these are Tonkeeper and Tonhub.
  1. Do not click on links if they look even slightly suspicious. In the end, it is better to double-check than to lose NFTs or money once.
  1. Free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. If something looks suspiciously good, there is a chance of encountering fraud, do not risk where it is not necessary.
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