Introduction to NFTs on TON

The TON NFT community is open to everyone and is easy to join, from small projects and independent artists to big projects with a lot of funding. On TON, anyone can find an audience for their ideas, projects, and work. Creators and artists gain access to all the necessary information on how to mint an NFT on the TON blockchain, how to sell it, and how to interact with their followers.

What is TON?

The Open Network (TON) blockchain is an upper-echelon Web3 ecosystem created to make our lives simpler. If you’re an NFT artist, collector, or crypto enthusiast, TON is the perfect tool for you thanks to its lightning-fast processing times and low transaction fees.

TON is scalable and shardable; its flexible architecture lets it grow infinitely without compromising its performance.

Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency for TON. It’s used for transaction fees, securing the blockchain through staking, deciding how the network develops, and settling payments.

TON’s key design and implementation differences mean that TON comes out ahead on performance, versatility, and design. Also, it has plenty of unique features that differentiate it from other layer-1 blockchains.

You can find more details on the TON blockchain here:

How are NFTs on TON different compared to NFTs on other blockchain networks?

TON NFTs follow the same conceptual principles as NFTs on other blockchains. TON, however, has added some technical peculiarities that mostly go unnoticed by the end-user; for example, the asynchronous and distributed nature of TON has left its mark on the TON NFT standard — every NFT on TON is a separate smart contract.

Such a technical characteristic improves the user experience for a few aspects when using TON.

First of all, it’s worth noting that gas fees on TON are substantially lower compared to Ethereum’s, which are often astronomically high. Therefore, the cost to mint or undergo any other NFT-related operation is much cheaper.

Moreover, TON also has low data storage fees, allowing people to create projects that store all information exclusively on the blockchain without having to rely on centralized systems or IPFS.

Thanks to these low fees all around, the TON blockchain is in a prime position to introduce new mechanics and potential use cases for NFTs.

What is Getgems? is an NFT marketplace that calls The Open Network blockchain home. The project was created by enthusiasts who are passionate about NFTs, DeFi, and the technologies of the future.

To start using the platform, you only need to sign in with a crypto wallet — that’s it. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to buying, selling, and transferring NFTs, as well as minting a single NFT or an entire collection, or you can simply peruse the site at your leisure — you’ll lose track of time because there are just so many beautiful works of art! We’re constantly upgrading our platform to make it as easy as possible to use for everyday operations with NFTs.

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