What’s a wallet or a wallet app on TON?

Just like regular banking apps, crypto wallet apps are a special kind of “wrapper” around your TON blockchain address. These apps allow users to make familiar transactions, such as sending or receiving Toncoin, confirming transactions, and displaying your NFTs for some of you.

In fact, the wallet is a combination of 24 secret words (a mnemonic password) that you should never share with anyone. Remember, your secret recovery phrase is exactly that: secret. Only you can know what it is because if it somehow falls into the hands of a stranger, that person would immediately gain access to all of your funds in your wallet. Your wallet is also an identifier on the blockchain, confirming that you are in fact you, and is used for various confirmations, such as signing transactions. What’s more, your wallet is fully anonymous and stays that way unless you decide to make it known publicly.

Crypto wallet selection

Currently, there are a few crypto wallet apps based on TON. All of them are noncustodial solutions:

All of them are quality wallets for different reasons, and anyone can use them. You can choose which one suits you best.

The Getgems marketplace supports Tonkeeper and Tonhub for signing in and confirming transactions.

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