How do I buy an NFT on Getgems?

You can buy an NFT on the marketplace by signing in with a crypto wallet extension or with the Tonkeeper app by confirming a transaction.

Having signed in to the marketplace, you need to select an NFT and click “Buy.” The transaction will be confirmed by the app you used to sign in (Tonkeeper or Tonhub). After confirming the transaction with either the app or extension, you’ll receive the NFT in your crypto wallet, which you used to sign in, and it’ll be displayed in the “NFT” tab (if you’re using Tonkeeper).

Buying without signing in to the site will look like this: Select an NFT on our marketplace, click “Buy,” and confirm the transaction in Tonkeeper by scanning a QR code.

In both scenarios, the NFT will be displayed in the wallet address used to make the purchase. You can also view your NFT on the marketplace after signing in with the wallet you used to buy it; the NFT will be displayed in the “Collected” tab.

You can also watch a short tutorial here:

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