How do I sell my NFT on Getgems?

You can put your NFT up for sale or transfer it to someone for free (except for paying the transaction fee). Unlike buying, selling an NFT is available only after signing in to the marketplace. You can sell the NFTs you’ve minted or ones you’ve bought.

1. For this example, we’ll put up an NFT for sale. Start by clicking “Put on Sale” and enter the sale price in TON in the pop-up window. Take into consideration that the marketplace takes a 5% commission fee for every NFT sale; therefore, the final sale price will reflect this deduction. 

2. Once you’re sure that everything is good to go, click “Sell”. You’ll need to pay the gas and service fee to put your NFT up for sale on the blockchain. To confirm the transaction, use your crypto wallet.

Important note: however, the commissions in TON blockchain are pretty low, we strongly recommend to have 1.1+ $TON to operate with any kind of transactions on Getgems smoothly, easy and fast. 

3. If everything is done right, great job! Your NFT has been minted and is up for sale! In this window, you can also manage the status of an NFT by clicking “Remove from Sale.” The process of removing an NFT from the market — i.e., no longer wanting to sell it — is the same as putting it up for sale: 

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