How can I mint an NFT on TON?

There are a few ways to mint NFTs depending on the context.

  1. Minting a small collection (100 NFTs) would be more convenient to do through Getgems’ interface. Everything you need is available, from creating the collection, to minting the NFTs inside this collection and setting the attributes. You can find a more detailed guide here.
  2. Minting large collections can be done in different ways.

Oftentimes, large collections use their own smart contracts to deploy on the blockchain and put them up for sale. Having your own smart contracts allows you to be completely independent and gives you full control over your collections — e.g., mint a collection with a “secret” NFT only to reveal it at a later date or mint a collection with dynamic metadata, among many others.

However, not everyone will have a blockchain developer at their disposal for their project, so other options will be better in this case. The TON community has a lot of tools that can be used — e.g., code to mint from the TON Diamond team. Also, as an alternative for minting a large collection, Getgems can be used as a launchpad — we’re ready to help project creators to mint a big collection. And we do it for free. 

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