What is Soulbound NFT (SBT)?

NFT on TON can work with the Soulbound NFT (SBT) standard. What is it? This is a special kind of unique token that cannot be transferred or sold, as it remains forever tied to the wallet. Its purpose is, for example, to display the achievements of a particular wallet, confirm certain statuses (KYC, ownership of a temporary subscription, etc.) and so on.

This standard works on the principle that an NFT has only one owner and cannot be transferred anywhere. This expands the ways in which artists and developers can use NFT on TON.

SBT can be transferred from one address to another provided that both addresses belong to the same person. This is done so that when you migrate to new versions of wallets, you can transfer your NFTs  to a new address.

SBT can also be burned. Besides, in the future, the one who issued the token will also have the opportunity to burn NFTs.

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