How to Mint a Large Collection? | Mass Minting

At the moment, there are only a few ways to mass mint NFT Collections on TON. However, here are several available options which will suit most collection creators who are interested in mass mining. We’ll go over things step by step.

An important reminder: Before you mint a collection on the mainnet, please do a testrun mint on the testnet (at least a partial mint) which will allow you to find out if everything is working correctly in terms of metadata and attributes etc. Doing a mint on testnet will take much less time than the possible alternative of hiding multiple buggy collections on the mainnet. The testnet version of the marketplace is available at:, you can get test coins at the giver and if you need more, you can get extra coins from the TON developer community.

Option (1): Mint With the Support of the Marketplace Team

For innovative or promising collections, the marketplace team can help with the minting process and launch it directly from the marketplace itself. For this option, the requirements are:

For a collection:

- Collection name

- Collection description

- Logo (avatar) at least 200x200px

- Banner at least 1440x340px

- Desired royalty percentage from NFT sales

- Social network links and website (no more than 10 links in total)

- Collection owner's wallet address

For each NFT in a collection:

- NFT name

- NFT description

- NFT attributes

- NFT price (in case the NFT needs to be put up for sale immediately)

- The wallet addresses of recipients in the case of a pre-sale so that the NFTs can be minted directly into the wallets.

All this data needs to be collected beforehand and sent to the Getgems team representative in order to perform mass minting. However, keep in mind, when generating all the necessary data please refer to the metadata standard  and the attributes logic and principles we use on Getgems so that everything gets minted correctly.

Option (2): Independent Minting Using the Ton Diamonds Tool

This tool allows you to deploy a collection to the blockchain but does not allow you to immediately put NFTs up for sale. Please note that this option will not be suitable for every creator. To find out more about this tool, please visit our Telegram channel:

This option will also require all the data listed under ‘Option (1)’.

Option (3): Independent Minting With Your Own Blockchain Developer and Smart Contracts 

This option is suitable for those who are ready to deep dive into the principles of blockchain and take advantage of the opportunity to hire their own blockchain developer. In this case, the fate of the collection depends entirely on the project team without any third party involvement whatsoever, and if everything is done according to the set standards, the marketplace will index it and automatically add it to our website.

Requirements for Option (3):

- The complete dataset for the collection and NFTs (similar to the requirements described in Option (1))

- A blockchain developer with experience in smart contracts and blockchain. The developer needs to study the library in order to understand how to interact with the TON blockchain: NodeJS NodeJS libraries for other languages 

- As a template, you can refer to existing open-source, TON Foundation-approved smart contract solutions from the Getgems marketplace such as collection contracts, NFTs, sale contracts etc:

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